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The Trust shall use all funds raised to carry out the following activities in a non-profit manner for the benefit of the Beneficiaries:

  • Promoting educational initiatives for the Beneficiaries for the purpose of enabling them to obtain employment and, in the context of Beneficiaries who are already employed by the Club, to further their career prospects, including:

    • Basic education and training (including literacy training); and

    • Training of the Beneficiaries in the sport of golf either as participants, professional caddies or service providers:

  • Scholarships, bursaries, awards and loans for study, research and teaching in accordance with the regulations prescribed by the Minister of Finance in terms of paragraph 4 (o) Part 1 of the Ninth Schedule to the Income Tax Act;

  • Primary healthcare education, sex education or family planning for the Beneficiaries;

  • Prevention of HIV infection and the provision of preventative and education programmes relating to HIV/AIDS;

  • Promoting community development for poor and need persons and anti-poverty initiatives, including:

  • Establishment and / or development of golf clubs and / or academies;

  • the provision of training, support and assistance to community based projects relating to self-help, empowerment, capacity building, skills development or anti-poverty in disadvantaged areas in which the Beneficiaries reside:

  • Funding any approved public benefit organisation contemplated in section 18A of the Income Tax Act which the Trustees, in their discretion, may determine;

  • Conducting any other activities that may be necessary, useful or desirable for the furtherance or accomplishment of its objects, provided that those activities do not endanger the Trust’s exempt status



  • Any person who is a caddie at the Club, and the spouse and children of such caddie;

  • Employees of the Club and the spouse and children of such employees; and

  • Participants in any sport who are Previously Disadvantaged Person


Rose Bishop, Sean Clarke, Nomsa Dhlamini, Mike Gregory, Paul Leishman


All donations are welcome! All contributions will be issued with a tax certificate at the end of the Tax Year.


Bank Details: The BCC Charity Trust

FNB Branch: 210554 

Account Number: 62775843793


Please send proof of payments or any queries to


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